The Amazing Spider-Man Producer Matt Tolmach to Play Jumanji

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First announced last month, Sony Pictures is moving forward with a big screen reboot of the 1995 Joe Johnston family adventure Jumanji. Today, Variety reports that Matt Tolmach, whose credits include the recent The Amazing Spider-Man, has come aboard to produce alongside William Teitler with Tedd Field and Mike Weber executive producing.

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Crazay3334d ago

The original Jumanji was a great movie. I don't see why they need to remake it when they can just continue on with the franchise - Obviously they can't take off where they left the last one but years into the future they could. Zathura was another movie in the same vein that I had fun watching.

sjaakiejj3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

I don't know if I like the idea of a reboot very much. The old film was great, and if other movies with similar themes to Jumanji are any indication of what to expect, I'd rather they stay away from the film.

Crazay3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

You're right - some of the other movies that were similar in material did pretty crappy which really sucks because I think they're fun and imaginative movies that the whole family can enjoy. I think the thing that drove people to see Jumanji was the visual effects. To some degree they were pretty cutting edge for their time.

Seeing Jumanji in Imax 3d would be pretty sweet though.

Soldierone3333d ago

It's pretty dumb that it has to be a remake....why not be creative? continue the series? tell a different story? etc...

"Hey I have an idea for a movie, lets reboot something!" Producer "Great idea! forget those thousands of original scripts on my desk, lets ruin a classic instead!"

aDDicteD3327d ago

i agree a sequel will be much more fitting because the first one was done right, the tone and even the CGI were awesome during its time. and the movie is just a straightforward story about a boardgame, im not sure if its a good idea but if they can make a more gritty tone and more interesting characters that can develop further im down with that.