Five Actors Who Could Play Daredevil In The Upcoming Reboot


With 20th Century Fox reportedly under pressure to begin production on Daredevil before the rights revert to Marvel Studios, the question now is who exactly should play "The Man Without Fear" in the planned reboot. Well, here are five of arguably the best choices out there...

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Crazay3333d ago

MAYBE Michael C Hall could pull it off but the rest of the list is crap. I just can't see it with any of the actors listed.

gaffyh3331d ago

Yeah I agree. Plus, having Matt Damon is like having Ben Affleck again, those two are practically the same person to me because they both first appeared in movies around the same time, plus Team America :D

aDDicteD3326d ago

anyone on the list except matt damon, dont get me wrong, matt is a versatile actor but his buddy ben took the fist devil and it wasnt that memorable so ill probably go with joseph gordon levitt because at this point he is still fresh to fit in any role.