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New Chapter Title For American Horror Story Season 2 Revealed By Ryan Murphy

One of the strangest and most interesting aspects of American Horror Story is how the entire cast and plot changes each season, held together as anthology. For the series second season, an additional tag has been added to the title to denote the new chapter - Asylum.

American Horror Story: Asylum will be set in 1964 and star Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Zachary Quinto, James Cromwell, and Joseph Fiennes. It will take place in an insane asylum run by Jessica Lange’s character, and seems to suggest shades of a 1950s B-movie take on mental health facilities. For more on the upcoming season and what Murphy had to say about it, hit the jump.

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alycakes3341d ago

I hope I can pay more attention to it this season. I watched last season but it wasn't a priority so I missed a few. This time...if it starts out interesting, I'll keep up.