Six 90s Movies That Hollywood Must Not Remake


For years we have watched as studios have constantly churned out remakes of 80s movies like Fright Night, Clash of the Titans, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Karate Kid, but the release of Total Recall brings us into whole new territory: the 90s. The original adaptation, directed by Paul Verhoeven, came out in 1990, and the remake could very well be the excuse studios need to start mining the rest of the decade for properties to reboot.

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Crazay3341d ago

They can't remake Hackers for the simple fact that none of the tactics used in that movie are even remotely useful anymore. And if they were to modernize it, they'd take all the fun out of it because there are so many rules and laws involving hackers and hacking now and back then it was still sort of an untapped frontier.

Soldierone3340d ago

Laws to me would just make it more fun. Its like saying a racing movie won't be any good because of Speed Limits lol :P

(no I'm not saying they should remake it, i'm just saying to hell with our rights being taken away! I hack what i want! :P )

Crazay3340d ago

Well what I was saying is that it was all so new to everyone back then. It's not new now.

SilentNegotiator3340d ago

#1 Total Rec-

Aww crap, too late.

MorningStar3339d ago

Point break was remade. It was remade with a whole new story and title but it was remade to be The Fast and the Furious

Picnic3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Forrest Gump and Dead Poets Society.

It seems to be mainly horror type films that tend to get remade anyway.

Crazay3339d ago

Good call on Forrest Gump.

dcbronco3339d ago

They should stop making re-makes, get rid of the idiots that currently run the studios and bring in some people with real talent to bring new ideas to the screen. Tired of formula movies, sequels and re-makes. Stop shutting out talented people because you can't exploit them.