The Dark Knight Rises Passes $300 Million Domestically

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Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises has become only the third movie of 2012 to surpass the $300 million mark domestically. Having earned $8.7 million on Tuesday, its 12th day in theaters, Nolan's third and final Batman movie has reached $304 million domestically.

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Crazay3334d ago

Do you guys think that the shootings hurt the movie that bad? I was sure as shit that it was going to surpass The Avengers without breaking a sweat.

DarkBlood3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

if it made more then its budget i dont think the movie was hurt bad?

the whole shooting incident sure as hell didnt deter me from going to see the movie as that kind of situation could of happen anywhere or maybe i just dont fear as much as i used too or something

Crazay3333d ago

But does it not feel like it should be much farther ahead than it is at this point?

LtSkittles3333d ago

Didn't ticket sales plummet down? I'm pretty sure that had an impact. I know, I paid for at least 5 tickets. Two of which were for myself.

SantistaUSA3333d ago

I've seen it twice already, but I'm sure a lot of people decided to wait to watch it due to the shooting, the shooting didn't stop me to go to the theater, but it was in the back of my head.

LtSkittles3333d ago

@Santista, yeah I watched it twice too. First time was the Midnight showing, and second was a few days after, and my sister is a little bit more afraid of theaters.

Blacktric3332d ago

" I was sure as shit that it was going to surpass The Avengers without breaking a sweat."

Avengers had the 3D option, released nearly simultaneously in most countries as the US date unlike The Dark Knight Rises and the horrible shooting incident obviously had some impact on the box office numbers.

vitorizzo3332d ago

im gonna get disagreed to hell on this but could it be that maybe the movie just wasnt good? im sure the shootings had something to do with it also but seriously the movie wasnt that good...
my guess is that people who saw it and told their friends that it wasnt a great movie so their friends passed on it...wait until it comes out on dvd/bluray/netflix
my sister saw it and she told me it wasnt as good as the second one...went to go see it anyway and i didnt like it at all...
obviously i was hyped up after the dark knight but then TDR trailers started coming out and all the hype just died for me..

calis3332d ago

Movie was good but it wasn't as fun as the Avengers.

sjaakiejj3332d ago

Thought it was better than the Dark Knight...

oilahize3332d ago

That never has anything to do with box office numbers of a hyped movie. Spiderman 3 is hated by comic book fans but it made about the same as its predecessors. Transformers 2 is absolutely horrible and it's one of the highest grossing movies of all time.

KwietStorm_BLM3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I think the final tally for The Avengers domestic opening was about $204 million? and they had 3D ticket sales. Batman opened at $160 and was said to have lost I think $32 million from the Friday following the shooting. If the shooting didn't happen, and either Batman was in 3D or The Avengers wasn't, the numbers likely would have been VERY close, and Batman might have even passed The Avengers.

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level 3603332d ago

Totally agree with calis. Do think director Nolan's version of the Batman franchise are the best and will definitely stand the test of time.