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How I’d Fix It: The Dark Knight Rises

"How I'd Fix It" is a new column by writer Dan Schindel discussing some of the little, and big changes that might have turned a flop into a blockbuster, or a good movie into a great movie.

From the opening paragraph, Dan writes, "Also, I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE DARK KNIGHT RISES IS A BAD MOVIE. Because it isn’t. But then, I’m writing about it for this column, so there are more than a few flaws in it… and they’re pretty significant. I’ve generally been rather cooler on Christopher Nolan’s Bat-trilogy than a lot of other geeks. I get what he’s been going for, and there are things that I’ve loved about all three of the movies, such as the pre-Batman stuff in Begins, the Joker in Dark Knight, and Catwoman (yeah, she’s never named as such but dammit she’s Catwoman) in this one. But overall, I just don’t wholly jive with any of these Batfilms, and the reasons vary for each one. Since we’re just talking about TDKR, I’m going to be focusing on it’s problems."

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