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Avengers Blu-Ray Clip: Watch The Post-Credits Easter Egg

Heads up, fanboys and girls: Marvel has released a barrage of Avengers clips ahead of its September 25 Blu-ray/DVD street date, including the geek-baiting post-credits scene that had fans in a tizzy. No, not the one that boosted sales of shawarma around the nation; the other Easter Egg, which revealed a menacing glimpse of the real orchestrator behind Loki's invasion of Earth.

The impending Blu-ray/DVD release has also given Marvel occasion to release a handful of additional clips from the film, reminding what life was like before The Dark Knight Rises came along and stole everyone's thunder.

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Kran3337d ago

To people like me, I had to research who it was.

OneAboveAll3336d ago

Heh. I think me and my friends were the only ones at the midnight showing that went ape shit when we saw him.

Baddest mofo in the Universe. He once destroyed half the Universe at the snap of a finger. Granted, he was using the Infinity-Gauntlet at the time but even without it not too many people can go toe to toe with Thanos!

calis3336d ago

I honestly though it was Red Skull when I first saw it. I have no idea why.