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The Dark Knight Falls: Why Nolan's New Batman Movie is Irreparably Broken

GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael writes, "If I had to summarize my feelings toward The Dark Knight Rises in one word, it would be “disappointment.” Disappointment, or possibly boredom. Four years have passed since Christopher Nolan gave us the outstanding yet somewhat long-winded film The Dark Knight (which tragically marked the death of celebrated actor Heath Ledger), and suspense grew in that time. But when the moment finally came for him to rise, Batman didn’t."

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negative3336d ago

Meh. Another nobody trying to go against the grain and nitpicking - probably to get hits.

If you liked the first two you liked TDKR. If you loved the first two then you liked TDKR even more.

OneAboveAll3336d ago

Liked the second movie first and third were trash. Everyone has their opinion. Just like mine is Avengers > Batman. Come at me Nolanites.

OneAboveAll3336d ago

You cared enough to post though didn't you jackass?

DarkBlood3336d ago

your as much as he/she is with that comment too @OAA

calis3336d ago

My only care was to post my opinion.

OneAboveAll3336d ago

Just like I posted my opinion. If he didn't like it then why post? Move along.

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Nes_Daze3336d ago

Meh, I think Avengers was awesome, but nowhere near the Dark Knight trilogy. It lacks substance in its plot, whereas the Nolan Batman films perhaps have too much of that for some people.

Soldierone3336d ago

I have to agree. I only agree because its Nolan, he has a higher bar from me than anyone I trust with movies, and I want to hold him to it to keep the movies that high of quality. Rises wasn't his "best" by any means....I'm a big Batman fan, a Nolan fan, and was excited for this, but it does have its issues and i don't see why people are avoiding it or getting angry when people point them out.....