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Why You Should Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender

#Random explores why Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best shows to grace television and why more people should give it a chance.

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Kran3345d ago

"Why You Should Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender The Animated Series" is what I think the title should say.

Some people like think of it as the horrible live action movie :D

TheCritic283345d ago

That movie never was just a bad dream.

Kran3345d ago

What movie?

I don't remember an Avatar TLA live action movie...

In fact... I never saw it (really. I NEVER actually saw it... not sure I want to xD)

michaeltraps3345d ago

I've never seen the movie either, and I plan on keeping it that way. ;-)

Lord_Sloth3345d ago

*has owned all 3 seasons on DVD for years now and is waiting to purchase Legend of Korra*

michaeltraps3344d ago

Legend of Korra on Blu-ray will be glorious

kingPoS3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

The Avatar series to me seems like a hybrid of anime & cartoon. And I like it!!!

The movie never happened you hear me, it "NEVER" happened!!!
La La La La La La(I can't hear you)

Nes_Daze3344d ago

The movie was awful, wth were they thinking..

michaeltraps3344d ago

I just hope the rumored sequel never happens. Though I can see them attempting to capitalize on the success of Korra and once again defame the greatness that is Avatar.

MoreRPG3344d ago

Why? Because is a great animated series. A 9.5 for me.