Top 5 CM Punk Heel Moments

CM Punk.
The name has slowly but surely made become synonymous with what internet fans love most about professional wrestling. A man who is a fantastic wrestler, and can have the match of the night with anybody. He’s also arguably the best there is on the mic, and can keep people on the edge of their seats with his promos. He is exactly what he says he is, and that’s the “best in the world”.
Punk has been the champ for over 8 months now, and was extremely over as a face, rivaling even John Cena. However, on the 1000th RAW, he shocked the world when he abandoned Cena and jumped The Rock, effectively turning heel. After the sense of shock wore off, many experienced great joy. The reason? They, like me, know that as good of a face Punk is, he is an even greater heel. The potential of what this could lead to could be an article in and of itself. Does he continue a one-man war against the status quo of WWE? Does he form a heel faction with other ROH newcomers that are already in WWE?...

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