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Hangover III Logo Teases Return of the Wolf Pack

Cineplex says

It's been a little over a year since Phil, Stu, Doug and Alan jetted to Thailand for Stu's wedding and got into a mess of drugs, booze, ladyboys, car accidents and face tattoos and for some, the return of the Wolf Pack can't come soon enough.

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Kran3343d ago

Who will be lost this time? >:D

rustyspoon803343d ago

The 2nd was a pointless retread of the first film and this will be the same.

wishingW3L3342d ago

to be honest, I didn't like the first one and even though the second one was more of the same I found it much more interesting and easier to watch.

Soldierone3342d ago

Return of the wolfpack? So we have return of mike tyson and several other characters, now we just need the announcement of the return of the original script and them "tweaking" it a little bit to call it a new movie.

Crazay3342d ago

Sometimes your jaded comments crack me up dude. So young so jaded....I'll give you that though. your comment is bang on.

Kingdom Come3342d ago

Actually, the writers have stated on numerous occasions that a third film wouldn't follow the same trending storyline the franchise is known for, instead, opting to follow a completely different pattern. Last I heard is that the plot would revolve around the Wolf Pack assisting Alan escape a mental institution...

TheCritic283342d ago

That actually sounds like a promising plot line, if they go in that direction.

Crazay3342d ago

They have to be completely and totally drunk when they break him out then or this is gonna be false advertising.

aDDicteD3342d ago

"we just need the announcement of the return of the original script" lol ^_^

-man that was really funny but surely by now they know why the second hang over isn't a success and will be making some adjustment for this 3rd installment. let's hope that they got it right this time for the sake of the success of part 1

belal3342d ago

They need to do something differen't in this movie. Not that they get lost and separated.

TheCritic283342d ago

So there's a wolf on top of an "H3" Halloween 3 will be about Michael Myers fighting wolfs? #Confirmed

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