What’s The Deal With Nicolas Cage?

FMV Magazine’s Simon Collings asks why one of Hollywood’s best actors continues to appear in films which could be best described as lazy, big-budget action adventures.

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MinimeJer053344d ago

Simply put, the man has a gambling addiction and needs to continue fueling it.

Soldierone3344d ago

It's hard to tell if its still his money issues, or if he is pulling a Tom cruise now. He has been in so many big budget movies since his "tax issues" that it has to be paid off.....

I say "pulling a tom cruise" because there was a short while where Cruise was simply just being in anything and everything, and I told people he simply needs to STOP for a while and make people miss him. Now he appears in movies and you can't even tell who he plays, which is awesome.

gaffyh3343d ago

He has been in some really shit films recently, and his acting has gone worse and worse. I mean WTF, when you can do stuff like Face/Off and make it actually work, then you go do some crap like Drive Angry. Terrible terrible film. Also Ghost Rider 2, 95 min movie, for 10 minutes of actual story.

Kran3342d ago

I remember the days when the press thought he was too old for Ghost Rider. Were they true? meh.