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Harkins Theatres Won't Show The Watch After No Financial Agreement With Fox

Even though it screened for the Phoenix press at a Harkins, the AZ chain which operates cinemas in CA, TX, and other states is refusing to show the film due to issues with the film's finance. This is not the first time the chain has had issue with a studio as they had an 11th hour deal reached over the last Bond movie as well.

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MinimeJer053345d ago

This happens every so often in MN at the Marcus Theaters establishments. I believe they didn't run Cloverfield or Sweeney Todd for a month after release.

Garethvk3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

They do tend to mess with smaller chains as they cannot make it up in volume. I think the case here is that Fox wanted a top of the line summer blockbuster rate and Harkins knew it was a so so action comedy. The fact that it bombed at the box office shows that Harkins was right.

At a press screener, Mr. Harkins was saying to a group of us how every now and then a studio asks for such a giant rate, they cannot justif it as there would be no money in it for weeks. He said they have a cinema in an area where there is not much around it, and it was a big issue He said Sony and MGM where the ones they had the most recent issues with.

The issue is more often then not when a studio wants an opening week cut to remain the same for 3-4 weeks. instead of having the fee decrease each week as is common. I have to agree, if a studio came to me and said that they wanted 80-90% of all ticket sales for the first three weeks, I would have a real isssue. Look at The Dark Knight Rises, massive opening, 60% drop the following week, likely even more next week. So by the time a chain gets to keep 20-30% of sales the market has slowed greatly. Thats why they want movies that run several weeks so the studio gets paid up front, and the cinema makes their money over time and on concessions.

Here is a link that explains it.


Soldierone3344d ago

Its funny how they mention TX and CA, but not AZ where the chain originated and is focused at lol

I'm glad they fought them though, Fox is the definition of greed and this movie looks bad anyways....and the reviews don't help either. Plus it means more theaters still playing Spider-Man so its all around good news!

Harkins is the only place I'll go thank to their prices on EVERYTHING. Your movie isn't there? Then hello redbox.