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10 Batman Bad Guys Nolan Could Have Used

ChaosHour Writes : With Christopher Nolan’s take on DC’s Caped Crusader finally coming to a close, many fans are finding it hard to let go. With hints of Batman’s future fiendishly laid in the final moments of Nolan’s epic conclusion; as well as a brand new re-boot supposedly on the cards; who would you have liked to have seen given the realistic Nolan-verse treatment?

Nolan had a wonderful knack for giving crazy comic book villains with ridiculous dress sense a home in the real world of his gritty, gory Gotham; and doing it in a way that not only appealed to new audiences, but even pleased old ones. We at Chaos Hour have created our run-down of the bad guys and gals that could happily have been added into Batman’s newest Universe.

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aDDicteD3142d ago

yeah i would like to see more and more batman movies interpreted by nolan..hope he would make batman like george lucas is doing star wars. i wished he had included zzazz in the final chapter because he was a cameo at batman begins. i also wished he could have split the movie into two so that more villains could be added like hugo strange for example

Soldierone3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Harley Quinn is one of my favorite villains out there, and it would be awesome to see her in a movie. However with how he did Catwoman, I don't think she would fit in "nolans universe" at all.

Same with The Riddler. It'd be interesting, because you don't really get the idea that Batman IS a Detective from Nolans movies AT ALL. He is just smart, and puts 2 and 2 together.

Chaosmedia3142d ago

I dunno, I think he probably would have been able to pull off Riddler quite well!

gaden_malak3142d ago

I honestly thought Hugo Strange would have been the villain in the 3rd movie when it was first announced.
He makes a lot of sense in the Nolan-verse.

Hush would have been good as well.