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Best Superhero Films of All-Time

Now that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is out in theaters, it sort of feels like we’ve reached a milestone point in the realm of superhero flicks…perhaps even an apex if you will. Everything that will come next for the genre will be judged on a different playing field due to that film and this year’s ‘The Avengers’ as well (essentially you now have to go big or go home). Those two films were as anticipated as any other major comic book film out there, and some might say the hype has been as much as any other big flick in general.

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OneAboveAll3346d ago

After seeing The Avengers every other film is "meh" now. Spider-Man and Batman weren't even up there.

All though this is MY opinion just like it's the authors opinion that Batman is better.

I just feel Avengers had it all and it spoiled me. I want more!

lorcraven3346d ago

Personally I felt TDKR was better than Avengers, but don't get me wrong they both owned, Spiderman was the disappointment of the year.

Hoping for Man of Steel to bring the awesomeness.

tunaks13346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

Dark Knight Trilogy closely followed by the Raimi Spiderman trilogy.

gaden_malak3346d ago

Dark Knight Trilogy
Amazing Spider-man
Spider-man 2

Deadpool6163346d ago

The Avengers really knocked it out of the park. I've never had that much fun in a movie theater before. Amazing movie!

The Dark Knight movies are really fantastic to. It's now my favorite crime thrillers, that happens to be based off Batman.

As for the Amazing Spider-Man...I liked it. It feels like they're finally going in the right direction of how Spider-Man is suppose to be. Sam Rami did a great job, but Spider-Man never used his greatest strategical power in that trilogy. Which is his witty remarks. I'm really glad he made web-shooters, because that was a nit pick I had with the original movie. I had a few problems with the Amazing Spider-Man on how they handled the Lizard, but other than that I think the good outweighed the nit-picks.

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