Lawsuit Filed After Expendables 2 Death

Clickonline writes: "The parents of a Chinese stuntman who was killed on the set of The Expendables 2 when a stunt went awry are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Millenium Entertainment, Nu Image and the film's stunt coordinator, Chad Stahelski"

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OneAboveAll3099d ago

He was a stunt man. He knew damn well that what he was going to be doing was life threatening before he did it. Besides, i'm sure "stuntmen" have to sign contracts stating that if something bad happens it's not the the producer/director etc fault.


Lord_Sloth3097d ago

Agreed. If they weren't dangerous then the actors would do the stunts themselves. I'm certain there's a non liability clause in there somewhere.

thorstein3096d ago

Not only that, but does suing bring your loved one back from the dead?

Kurylo3d3096d ago

Money helps.

It doesnt matter how dangerous the stunts are. Yes stuntman jobs are dangerous, but when you are put into unecessary danger.. then someones gotta be liable.

Its one doing a stunt u need to take all necessary precautions to avoid harm. Its like asking someone to take a take a stab from a knife... with a real knife. Instead of switching it out for a prop. Still risky, but at least u wont die. Its like asking a stuntmant to flip a car... without being buckled up. Usually they would more then likely be in more then just seat belts even... harnesses and bungie ropes lol.

fastNslowww3097d ago

While true, one can understand the parents NATURAL reaction. Easy for you to say, but what if it was your dearest one?

KingPin3097d ago

well its not like he was accountant on set that got driven over by a stuntman. thats wrongful death.

i think he knew and his parents knew that what he does is very dangerous and could kill him if something went wrong. unfortunately not everyones occupation goes 100% right all the time.

if you ask me, the parents are just gold digging.

InTheZoneAC3097d ago

doesn't matter. It' just like someone who rides motorcycles. They and everyone knows they're a lot more dangerous than any 4 wheeled vehicle.

Some people close may not like they're doing it, but in the event of a deadly crash those close friends/relatives aren't going to sue the bike manufacturer.

Now do you see how dumb it is to sue when your job was a stuntman?

nukeitall3097d ago

Even though the victim is a stuntman, it doesn't automatically relieve the company of responsibilities. If the company or the person in charge was reckless then it's reasonable.

It's hard to say without know more details.

360ICE3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I wouldn't go with that approach, given the history the media has with presenting lawsuits. There might very well have been some serious screw ups in co-ordination, and while being a stuntman is dangerous per se, the film studios still have a responsbility to keep them as safe as possible.

Let's also keep in mind, that civil lawsuits take quite a lot of time, and can cost a lot of money, and that "gold digging lawsuits" aren't in fact as common as one might think. Most people who sue someone has talked it over with a lawyer, and usually think they have a case. They don't just hobby sue many companies and hope for a lucky break.

Downtown boogey3097d ago

What if a stuntman is sitting on a lethal explosive and is not told about it? And then you watch a real human being actually getting blown away in the movie theater. I know it's an exaggeration but I don't believe anyone should get away from getting someone killed if it's his/her job not to and if the stunt did his part correctly. It all depends on whether the stuntman effed his thing up or if the crew did theirs.

hazelamy3096d ago

yeah, but if they weren't taking adequate precautions then there could be a case.

sure, the job is dangerous, but they're not doing these stunts without making them as safe as they possibly can while still performing the stunt.

the stuntmen put their lives in the hands of the people working on the film.

Patriots_Pride3096d ago

Maybe they should hire stunt men for the stunt men :)

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potatowarrior3097d ago

im sure he was Expendable ?

MWH3096d ago

oh come on have a heart will you?.. that was funny though.

sovietsoldier3096d ago

i just hope they keep the scene in the movie,no point of wasting a life + film.

cruxito3096d ago

either way if he knew was a dangerous job or not, the company film needs to pay something to the family, come on guys , this is a LIFE taken, he had a mother a father a brother a sister maybe a wife n kids, he was a person.

atron733096d ago

and I thought jet li did his own stunts.

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