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Summit Won't Cut Gas Mask Scene From 'Step Up 4'

THR: Summit Entertainment won't edit out a scene from 3D dance pic Step Up Revolution in which a troupe of dancers enter a room wearing gas masks -- similar to the gas mask worn by suspect James Holmes when he opened fire at a theater last Friday.

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Soldierone3347d ago

I'm not seeing this movie, but not because of this.

I don't think gas masks need to be taken out of everything in the world because of the incident. Its like asking WB to edit out all the gun scenes in TDKR at the last second. This stuff is in the movies, and I'm sure the people affected will stay away from them for a lil while if they are uncomfortable with it still.

All respect to the victims, but this to me doesn't say anything bad, its just a gas mask, and they should understand that.