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Crave Online - American Reunion Blu-ray Review

CO - Currently available in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from Universal, American Reunion – the much-anticipated follow up to iconic ensemble teen sex romp American Pie – nostalgically revisits the glorious and sordid flowering of the early 2000s. Reuniting virtually the entire cast of the original franchise, American Reunion indulges in the same schizophrenic blend of subcutaneous kneejerk conservatism and preadolescent body horror that defined American Pie and its overrated follow-ups, but with the added frisson of creeping, middle-aged unfulfillment, stark terror of conjugal emasculation, and relentlessly encroaching sexual obsolescence replacing the blithe and physiologically normal desires of younger, high-school-aged gentlemen to go out into the world and stick their penises into things

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