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Ranking The Top 10 Batman Movie Villains

CB - Playing a villain in a superhero movie can be a tough job sometimes-- you strap on a spandex suit, you scream at the hero and cackle about how evil you are, and you get killed in some lame way, maybe as part of a punchline. But Batman's rogue gallery has always been different, and in the last 25 years of Batman movies some of our greatest actors have stepped up to the plate to torment the Dark Knight. Whether over the top and theatrical or terrifyingly real (and in at least one case, both), the Batman villains of the movies have often been the best parts of their own films, the sly and amoral antagonists who really make our hero work for his victories.

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Ramon3MR3350d ago

1. Heath Ledger's Joker
2. Arnold's Mr. Freeze........j/k

kariyanine3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

Wow, way to overlook so many and just focus on the Nolan and Burton films.

aDDicteD3348d ago

all came from dark knight trilogy and burton films...obvious list but penguin and catwoman of batman returns should be a number 9 and 10.

LtSkittles3348d ago

Penguin scared me as a child.