Top Ten Trilogies

Proving three is never a crowd Matt’s Movie Reviews counts down its Top Ten Trilogies.

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iamnsuperman3346d ago

The Toy Story films are fantastic. The third was really sad at the end considering I was really young when I watched the first and the last I was mid way through finishing university. Grown up watching and loving the three films.

aviator1893346d ago

Awesome list. Perfect timing for the dark knight trilogy. :)

aDDicteD3346d ago

1. Lord of the Rings trilogy- flawless from start to finish
2. Toy Story trilogy - first and third were great..2nd was nearly as good
3. Bourne trilogy - very consistent, all three were neatly edited to go together
4. Star Wars - 1st and 2nd were excellent but the third was a notch down but close to to the first two installment
5. Dark knight trilogy - all three were great but the 2nd one stood out
6. Back to the future - great but all above aforementioned were a little better overall
7. Evil Dead - consistent
8 Indiana Jones- third was not as good
9 Godfather - didnt liked the third

LOL_WUT3346d ago

Austin powers any one?

mushroomwig3346d ago

Indiana Jones is not a trilogy.