Christopher Nolan Gives a Heartfelt Farewell to the Batman Franchise

TMP: Can you believe it?  The Batman saga is over.  Yeah, there will be another Batman movie (that's inevitable), but Christopher Nolan's saga is finished.  Never again will we see Christian Bale don the cowl, or Gary Oldman don the mustache (both of equal importance).  Yes, it feels horrible, doesn't it?  Well, imagine if you were Christopher Nolan.  On the one hand, finishing The Dark Knight saga leaves the director open for a bounty of new opportunities, something he would have probably never have if he didn't tackle Batman Begins.  He can do anything he wants at this point.  Yet, Nolan devoted about half a decade to this saga, and now his work is complete.  Apparently, the director felt that a proper good bye was in order.  And he gave the franchise just that.

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TheCritic283340d ago

Okay...who else teared up a little bit?

level 3603340d ago

Hope they pick him if The Uncharted gets the green light for a movie deal.

Solid_Malone3340d ago

i'd love that aswell but I dont think he'd want to get involved with movies based on games unfortunately :/

Patriots_Pride3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

I hope to god he does not take the deal.

Video gamers are the worst kind of people - they act like there game and console is the holiest thing on earth and will put Nolan on a cross if he does not meet their every expectation.

Why do you think the Halo or Gears movie still can get done.

r213340d ago

beautiful *stands and claps slowly*

aDDicteD3338d ago

his interpretation of the batman storyarc is still the best and i think dark knight will always be his masterpiece. i know its impossible but i wished he did more batman movies. i know he will be making more epic movies in the yrs to come like prestige, memento and inception he never fails to surprise.