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'The Hobbit' Filmmakers in Deep Talks With Warner Bros. to Make Third Movie

From THR:

Sources close to the production of The Hobbit say the filmmaker has concluded that he wants to turn his upcoming two-film adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien epic into a trilogy. That would require additional shooting that sources say could take place next summer for about two months in New Zealand.

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tunaks13351d ago

splitting the hobbit into 3?

Soldierone3351d ago

Is it me, or is it a little cool that its the FILM MAKER not the studio wanting to make it into 3 parts? I'm not a big fan of multiple part movies, but thats normally because its the studio milking our wallets.

darklordzor3350d ago

That is the cool part and one of the only reasons I feel like it could work.

gaffyh3350d ago

I've never actually read the hobbit, but I was under the impressions that it was significantly shorter and had less content than the Lord of the Rings. Surely this would be a bad thing for the film if that was the case?

I mean, if I'm wrong, I don't mind it beocming a trilogy, because I absolutely love LOTR, but LOTR had three clear sections.

gaden_malak3350d ago

It is a lot shorter than the Lord of the Rings.

castdreams3350d ago

Personally I'm a bit skeptic about how well this would work out. If Peter Jackson wants to do it then I'm assuming it's doable, but the changes they'd have to make would surely be drastic. I guess they're talking about releasing An Unexpected Journey as planned and then splitting There and Back Again in two? You can't just slice a movie in half, pump in extra footage to increase the run time and then magically call it two movies. When you develop a film, you figure out how you want it to flow and get the character arcs figured out early on and then build the structure of the movie around that. For example, what would the second film do for a climax? You can't just take a battle scene from act 2 of the movie and then slap on "the end" after it. The end of a movie has to have a proper build up. It should feel like the character arcs have the right momentum going into some kind of resolution, otherwise audiences will be left scratching their heads thinking "wait, that was the end??" This is why if you want to make huge structural changes to a movie, you do it early in the planning phase and NOT AFTER YOU'VE WRAPPED SHOOTING. But then, maybe PJ was planning this way back and designed the script to be relatively easy to modify into three parts? It could possible work, but it seems like it would be so easy for the whole thing to turn into a hack sawed together mess. (That's my rant for the day.)

castdreams3350d ago

...And to be perfectly clear, I do understand that the books were originally written as one volume and then sliced up by the publisher, but literature doesn't have to follow the same structural rules that Hollywood movies do in order to work. If you watch the special features on the LotR trilogy, they talk a lot about how much they had to modify the story from the books to work as movies, which is basically my point. It's like building a house, you don't build 2/3 of it and then just up and say "Oh, I think I want to add on an extra story!" You gotta plan that stuff before you lay the foundation. (Sorry, second rant)

rataranian3349d ago

Its called editing people.