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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Red Dawn, Watchmen, Before Watchmen, The Possession, Magic City, and More

While I’ve interviewed many people over the past seven years, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one my favorites. No matter where and when we talk, he’s always brutally honest and willing to have fun. Which brings me to last week at Comic-Con. When my scheduled interview had to be changed at the last minute, Morgan was the one who suggested meeting up after he’d finished his press for the day so we could have an extended conversation. Needless to say, I immediately said yes.

During the interview we talked about his thoughts on Before Watchmen, Watchmen‘s extended cut, his upcoming horror movie The Posession (here’s the first trailer) which also stars Kyra Sedgwick, and Natasha Calis, Red Dawn, Magic City, what it’s like to film on location in Miami, being at Comic-Con, and The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea with Jessica Biel and Chloe Moretz. Hit the jump to watch.

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alycakes3343d ago

I just love this man. I don't know why but when he smiles I think his eyes twinkle.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33341d ago

It's like they cloned Javier Bardem and sent him to live in America. Just joking, love the guy.

alycakes3336d ago

Actually he does look a little like him but I still like Morgan because he's just so down to earth.