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Batman Actor Christian Bale Visits Aurora, Colo., Shooting Victims

LA Times:
Christian Bale, star of the Batman trilogy of movies, paid a surprise visit Tuesday to injured victims of the recent shooting rampage in Aurora, Colo. The shooting occurred during a midnight screening of the latest Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Twelve people were killed and 58 were injured in the attack early Friday; a suspect was arrested in a nearby parking lot afterward.

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alycakes3253d ago

That was a wonderful thing that he did. I know that they appreciated it because he didn't make an issue of it...he just showed up.

fastNslowww3253d ago

What annoys me is how these SHOOTINGS come as a surprise for many Americans, knowing full well their flawed GUN LAWS which inevitably contribute to such violent crimes. Yet, the government don't seem to address it as a major concern.

It boggles my mind in the simplicity of how this shooter purchased such armor and weaponry. Yet all people can do is dwell on the pain and sorrow, with less effort in making those acts for change. There seems to be NO lesson learned.

Soldierone3253d ago

Some of his equipment was illegally purchased....

I agree that a single person shouldn't be allowed to buy several assault rifles, and more than two hand guns, but to take all the guns away isn't a good idea. A majority of shootings like this take place in "gun free zones"

omarzy3252d ago

Actually he got everything legally which is why the charges do not include his weapons. Quite sad that places allow the legal purchase of assault rifles.

TheCritic283253d ago

What annoys me is how people take a tragedy and twist it around to illustrate their own personal political views.

h311rais3r3253d ago

Yet another person who does not do any research at all. ALL studies have shown restricting firearms increase violence in a country. Please don't make me search for all my sources and shift through databases. I'm not in the mood to try and show the ignorant plain facts.

If someone is going to kill someone they are going to do it. Want to k ow how he could have killed everyone in the theater?

Gasoline, napa gas, styrofoam, a garbage bag and a match. That makes a napalm like substance. All of which can be purchased at a home hardware store. All used in every day activities and uses.

Stop following the media with "GUNS ARE EVIL" bullcrap. Firearms need screening and tracking. That's it. Not a ban. That increases violence. Band only take Gina away from law abiding citizens and leaves the crazies with the illegally purchased ones.

Please do yourself a favor and learn how to do research.

Oh and btw. I'm not american.

fastNslowww3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Great comprehension work, you misinterpreted what i was implying. Yes, removing guns won't stop the killing (DER) since other methods are available, but what it CAN DO, is cause fewer deaths, compared to rifles, etc.

What mentality is yours BTW? how do you explain other countries with less weapons and overall fewer death counts? the US is above all in terms of fire arm kills. WHY IS THAT (common fucking sense)

US laws are complete shit, and what's worse is the EGO that flows right with it.

None of those other methods of destruction can compare to a powerful developed automatic firearm. It's much more QUICK and EFFECTIVE, one with little chance of prevention. UNDERSTAND?

Stop trying to be in the minority. We are all different and those who are much more unstable and prone to violence shouldn't be able to go out and purchase a fucking weapon.

the mentality of the US and it's obsession with past rights and laws is pathetic, not to mention blinded by the ego of ones over developed country due to being a super power.

Do me and favor and stop just thinking of yourself and within primitive views.

other BIGGER countries with a bigger WAR past that have heavier GUN laws, have FEWER deaths compared to the United States....AGAIN, why the FUCK do you think that is?

h311rais3r3253d ago


Again being completely ignorant and looking at just numbers rather than the factors and outliers.

You need to take into account

A. Where do most killings and murders happen
B. when and why
C. Who was killed/involved
D. How was the firearm aquired

Most gun killings in the united states are done by mentally unstable people an or gang related issues. IN slums an in places where people think they have no where else to turn. most of the weapons are also illegally obtained or stolen.

Your also not taking population and culture into account. Look at many countries where there are limited firearms. There are increases in dismemberments, beheadings, "accidents", beatings, standings etc. I'd personally rather be shot then have my head slowly cut off. And yes a bomb is much more effective than a firearm. Why? Easily concealed. All you need is fertilizer and a truck and you can take a building down.

A fully automatic weapon is NOT as easy to fire as te media makes it out to be. There are many factors involved etc but the closer you are then obviously it's easier. HOWEVER concealment becomes an issue at that point. Most fully automatic weaponry is not easy to hide. Ever fire a fully automatic weapon? I have and I couldn't hit shit past 30 yards on full auto.

You really do not like to do research huh? Just surf the interwebs for what ever suits your view.

Also you call my thinking primitive when your the one getting all angry and swearing up a storm being extremely immature. Nice one btw.

When researching I'll give you a hint. Use official databases. Not the Internet ok kid?

Kurylo3d3253d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Im going to have to agree with fastNslowww on this one.


You say it would happen with bombs if there were no guns. Is it that easy to build a bomb? You make it sound like a teenager can just roll up and poof a bomb is made from fertilizer. I tell you one thing.. most crazies dont take that much time and effort. They just wanna pull the trigger. And yes people would still get killed with knives, but how many exactly? If i see a guy with an assault rifle.. im pretty much shit out of luck. If i see a guy stabbing people with knives..hes going to catch the beat down of his life by 20 of us.

Gun laws here in this country are rediculous. People want to justify gun laws saying only criminals would have the guns. Well they only have the guns cause they are so readily available. Most criminals wouldnt have guns with the appropriate laws. Some still would if they were that deep into the lifestyle and knew where to go for them, but the next columbine kid wont have those guns available to him.

Not to mention how many children end up blowing their heads off or their parents heads off because they found one in the house and decided to play with it. Happens all the time.

Soldierone3253d ago

i thought this was rather neat, he did it on his own and wasn't "invited" or "told" to do it, he just did it. And judging by the pictures he didn't exactly go to pose for the media either.

TheCritic283253d ago

What a class act. Kind of makes up for the whole Terminator Salvation controversy from a few years ago...

Kran3253d ago

So nice of him to do that.

But I'm a little bit confused though:

Warner Brothers have said he's not there to promote the film at all.... but in the end, he sort of is. He's going to see victims of the "batman shootings", so by that logic, sending the very guy who plays him will attract attention in the news, thus promoting the film unofficially :/

negative3253d ago

No, Warner Bros said that they did not send him and that he wanted to visit the victims on his own accord.

Nothing to be confused about here. People were killed while enjoying his work and he wanted to pay his respects, and hopefully make everyone's day a little better.


Kran3253d ago

I never said they did. I'm just saying they've said hes not there to promote the film and I believe them.

But is presence there still does, if you get what i'm saying.

Batman shootings - So Bale (Batman himself) goes to see them.

alycakes3252d ago

They didn't even know he was going until he and his wife showed up unexpectedly. No one knew. Not even the media...they just showed up at the hospital and that's when everyone found out.

pwneddemocrat3252d ago

How can he promote the movie there if they closed the cinema in that town?

Anyways, if he didnt show up, people bitch, when he shows up, people bitch.
Cant you just appreciate a good pure gesture?
He went there in a t-shirt and a baseball hat, he's not looking to promote anything.

Kran3252d ago

Who said I was bitching?

Why is it nobody can see my point that it still promoted the film but very very slightly.

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