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The “Crazy Rumors” Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Revisited

Slashfilm: We’ve broken down several of the bigger rumors and dissected which were true (more than you’d think), which were false (less than you’d think) and try to gauge just how well you can trust internet speculation with a huge movie like The Dark Knight Rises. Here are ten rumors that the Internet spewed out in regards to The Dark Knight Rises.

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TheCritic283351d ago

Kind of sad we knew the ENTIRE story of this film before it even came out.

listenkids3351d ago

That's what you get with 99% of films today, the moral of the story? Stay away from the Internet.

aDDicteD3349d ago

i learned my lessons..ill never check movie news because nobody is handling secrecy well enough ..even if nolan tried his best the media will always throw you all the possible scenarios possible..since nolan gets ideas from the comics...the numerous news that were somehow correct hurt the overall impact of the movie. i remembered when TDKR came out..i saw a lot of spoilers in my facebook..i never opened it again until i watched the movie...i never enjoyed the twist because i knew miranda tate is talia...