3 Subplots in Dark Knight Rises That Weren't Really Necessary

From TMP:

If you've already caught my review (or Eric's) then you'll know I loved the film and gave it a nearly perfect score. Even so, there were some things I wished we could have seen more of, and there are some characters/subplots that could have been eliminated to make that happen.

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darklordzor3348d ago

I still can't wait to see this movie again. I saw it once, but now I can't stop thinking about it and wanting to see it again. That doesn't happen with many movies for me.

RufustheKing3348d ago

I agree.

at first I wasn't blowen away but after about 2 hours i couldn't stop thinking about it.

darklordzor3348d ago

You know, that's exactly right. I mean, I enjoyed it when I first watched it, but didn't feel blown away either. Yet now, I find that I can't stop thinking about it and feel a desperate need to see it again. It's strange but powerful.

SantistaUSA3348d ago

Same here, I'm going to watch it again with my buddy, we both have seen it once already. I'll probably have to watch it at least 3 times to absorb all the info :-P

gaden_malak3348d ago

The cane is pretty obvious.

Deadpool6163348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

After 8 years of getting the injury you would think he would've patched himself back up by then.

What did he do for those 8 years?! That's a long time not to do anything. :/

I still liked the movie...but this version of Bruce Wayne was broken before the start of the movie.

SantistaUSA3348d ago

I believe the reason he let himself go was due to Rachel's death, I'm sure he feels guilty about it and she was also the love of his life. Plus the organized crime in Gotham was virtually gone, so he wasn't worried about the city.

gaden_malak3348d ago

He had no cartilage between his knee (I believe that was the explanation).

Deadpool6163348d ago

Well...I'm really just wondering what Bruce did all day. Did he watch movies, listen to music, watch tv. 8 years is just a long time to do nothing.

TheCritic283348d ago

Archery and brooding are my best guesses to what he did all day.

extermin8or3348d ago

@thecritic28 if he was doing archery, then surely the cartilage in his elbows wouldn't have been so bad? He recovered from it very quickly though, without the aid of that mechanical leg joint :p

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aDDicteD3347d ago

i agree that on two subplots mentioned but the miranda and bruce relationship should have given more screentime so that the betrayal in the end would be more moving.