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The Dark Knight Rises Is a Great Movie; You Just Put Impossible Expectations on It

When the first batch of reviews came in for The Dark Knight Rises, the Internet did what it does best: flamed the bad reviews. But then some more negative reviews came in. Then the movie launched and some people were going “wait, it isn’t that good after all.”

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Nes_Daze3212d ago

There was some scenes that could've been improved, things that could've been done to make the movie better, like maybe show Batman a bit more? I swear I heard somebody cheer when Batman finally showed up, maybe there was just too much going on. Either way, I loved the movie, just like the other two.

tunaks13212d ago

Went in with moderate expectations and was really blown away!

krazykombatant3212d ago

Idk what people are saying but this was right up there with DK perhaps even better

mcstorm3212d ago

I agree I though this was the best ending of a saga I have ever seen. I also liked how it was not all about Batman.

My only grumble of it is I think it should of been longer as some of the story jumped abit in the time lines but I did not once think in the 2 hour and 40 mins this is crap.

I still think TDK was a better film but only because Heath Ledger played his heart out as the Joker and stole the show. But by no means did anyone in TDKR play a bad part everyone was amazing again.

Clarence3212d ago

I agree it was better than DK. I only say this because Bane stood toe to toe with Batman from the beginning to end. Nolan and Hardings version of Bane makes him the best villain of the series.

Not only that it had a excellent ending

adorie3212d ago

People are nit-picking the movie too much. I don't expect Heath Ledger, and I don't find his performance to be the greatest of all time, but I think his performance was above great. He got into that character like no other could.

For the Dark Knight Rises, (seeing it tonight at 11pm)
I expect to see BANE and Batman and CATwoman. That's it.
What they do in the movie is what is going to set my judgement straight, not The Dark Knight.

Soldierone3212d ago

The fans are crazy about it right now, so I'm holding myself back from saying too much. Its a fantastic movie, but it COULD be better. Its one of the very FEW times I wish there was two parts, simply because it pulled a Spider-Man 3. So much going on, so little time, which made some of the development on several things jump a little, even with its long length time.

ShabzS3212d ago

lol... true it felt like spiderman 3... but thank god at the end unlike what they tried in spiderman 3 it all came together nicely in the end...

extermin8or3212d ago

"felt like spiderman 3" ouch that's got to be on the list of worst insults to give a film? ;) No I know what you meant it's odd isn't it that usually people complain films are too long but it actual could have done with being longer; I do think though that had it had to parts people would've complained about that :/ maybe not either way we shall never know now :p however it was a brilliant film :)

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The story is too old to be commented.