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6 Obvious Continuity Errors And Questions Left Unanswered In Dark Knight Rises.

ChaosHour Writes : Dark Knight Rises Seems To Be Riddled With Plotholes, Continuity Errors And Questions They Never Answered

You can't help but come across countless articles regarding how much money this blockbuster is bringing in. However with such a great director and production company behind the wheel of this franchise the question is raised. How do they manage to make such poor continuity errors. For those of you who dare read on beware, as this article contains massive spoilers regarding the film.

Here's the 6 most obvious ones.

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krazykombatant3343d ago

another nit picking article.... seriously do we need to know how he got back??? do you people really need 10 mins of him traveling back??? How did bruce move when it came the BB, he had no money either. FFS.... its a movie.

negative3343d ago

Yea - this is getting stupid really fast.

kariyanine3343d ago

And this one is just sloppy.

chaos_mechanica3343d ago

I disagree with the bridge one. He blew up TWO bridges, and left one intact. Gotham, I believe, has 3 bridges.

In fact, just looked it up, Gotham does has three bridges.

gaden_malak3343d ago

I thought it had like 5 bridges.

2 on the right side of the screen and then 3 on the left as it panned to that side of Gotham.

chaos_mechanica3341d ago

I don't know how old this map is, but this one is 3, plus a tunnel. I can't read it too well so there may be more.

vvharrington13341d ago

This guy answer a lot of his own questions, like he said "when their Key mission was to detonate the fusion reactor, why bother keeping a bridge open in the first place? Maybe to give the illusion of hope."
YES, that's EXACTLY what he was doing, he wanted people to suffer in gotham while criminals strolled the streets, if you pay attention, you would notice that the only people that know that the bomb is gonna detonate either way is the cops and the main protagonist, bane only told the citizens that it would be detonated if someone tried to leave or contact the outside world. Most of these aren't really continuity errors and have answers, it's just he missed them. I'm not calling this guy stupid, but chris nolan is a BRILLIANT director and most of his films aren't just direct and don't explain every little thing like other movies, and it shows how evil these villians are, you can't just go in here, watch the movie, and judge it, cause you'll miss a lot of stuff if you don't pay attention, that's why most of chris nolan's movies are on the list of top movies on IMDB (6 out of 10 of his films are in the top 250 of all time), he's one of my favorite director's, and I don't think any future batman movies can live up to this trilogy of movies.