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The Joker Explanation: This is What The Dark Knight Rises Sorely Lacked For Full Closure - Opinion After several days of being in theaters it seems everyone has an opinion on The Dark Knight Rises and SuperHero Authority has one big one, besides the fact SHA was not a fan of Bane on-screen and his voice. SHA has a problem with not knowing anything about The Joker.

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tunaks13350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Bugged me the whole film. They act as if the character never existed...

The best solution would be to mention that he was shipped off to a prison outside of gotham.

Joker was literally left hanging in TDK, and not addressing what happened to him is disappointing, the tied up every other loose end why not his?

Kurylo3d3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

cause his story is over. He is in arkham asylum... never to be heard from again. No one was released from arkham. They got released from blackgate prison.

What do u want? An interview with the joker about how he feels about bane holding a nuke in gotham?

tunaks13349d ago

they didn't say he was in arkham though thats the problem, no mention of him at all- all were left with is speculation.

Kurylo3d3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

he was beaten. What more do u want? What would that add to the story? He was just a crazy mad man. Im not speculating, and u shouldnt be either cause hes done.

The only way they should even put him in the plot at all.. is if he takes over the plot. Hes not a sideline gag like scarecrow was lol.

Not to mention the actor is dead, so out of respect to him leave it alone.

gaden_malak3348d ago

The book says that the Joker is in Arkham and is the only inmate there.

Mrmagnumman3573345d ago

Nolan didn't include him out of respect for Ledger

adorie3349d ago

If only he had not succumbed to the medication... his future was bright and could have made an interesting 4th Installment, which I firmly believe would have happened had he not died.

Soldierone3349d ago

IF Heath Ledger was still alive, he would have easily been in this movie. However i think its pretty respectful that they didn't replace him. I think they COULD have done something, like perhaps had people attempting to break him out but couldn't, just never actually show him then maybe. But there was so much going on that I doubt anything like that could have made final cut.

The_Devil_Hunter3349d ago

I have to say though that Joseph Levit guy who plays Blake in TDKR he looks awfully lot like Ledger.

SHA3349d ago

Funny you say this since they both starred in "10 Things I Hate About You" too.

gaden_malak3348d ago

The book that is coming out deals with the Joker in a paragraph.

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