Hugh Jackman, James Mangold Ready for 'The Wolverine' Shoot

What does $12.8 million get you in Australia?

A tour of The Wolverine set with Hugh Jackman and directorJames Mangold as your personal guides, if you’re the Australian Prime Minister.

Jackman, Mangold and Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Tuesday announced the start of production on the sequel to X Men Origins; Wolverine, after Jackman had shown Gillard around the art and make up departments and the sets currently under construction.

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SHA3342d ago

This can't be any worse than the last Wolverine film...(in theory).

aDDicteD3335d ago

i think they learned from there mistakes in x men origins wolverine. i think this might be at par with the amazing spiderman but wont be as good as x men first class. i hope they can really bounce back because x men 3 was a mess, x men origins was a bit mixed reviews but more inclined on the negative..if this will not rebound it might hurt jackmans character of wolverine.