Alphas: "Wake Up Call" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the Season 2 premiere follow.

I admire the fact that we started off Season 2, after Dr. Rosen's brave and bold national announcement regarding Alphas in the Season 1 finale, with all our heroes scattered about and Dr. Rosen locked up in a psych ward. Usually this kind of separation allows for a team to reconnect over a crisis and gives the show a bit of a "reboot" feel. And while I don't think this show needed a full rejiggering, Season 1 felt uneven; with some characters not given enough to do, some threats never fully paying off and some powers not as fleshed out and explored as I would have hoped.

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alycakes3341d ago

This was a really good beginning to the season. I like this show and can't wait to see what is to come with each episode. I do know Summer Glau will be in 2 or 3 of them so I'm looking forward to her return playing the same character she did last year.