Top Ten WWE Raw Superstars of All Time

Whether you like wrestling, or you don’t, you more than likely have seen an episode of WWE Raw. At one time, Raw was must see TV, to the point where it became popular culture. It was because of this, people like the Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin are just popular lexicon in today’s culture.
Raw is going to hit 1000, which is a huge achievement. So we are going to look back to the top 10 wrestlers to influence Raw. These will be guys that have a huge importance to the shows run.

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Batman52733342d ago

While CM punk may be a powerhouse on the Modern Day Raw tv show, he was not a trailblazer that helped and shaped the show to what it is today.

GanjaMan3342d ago

has anyone told america yet that wrestling is NOT real? lol

Batman52733342d ago

Yes indeed she show has predetermined winners, but it does REALLY hurt the wrestlers that perform the stunts. This is not an article about the validity to "sport" but the athletes that helped create the TV show that is what it is today as the WWE celebrated it's 1000th episode.

You want to tell a professional wrestler to their face it not REAL?

GanjaMan3342d ago

1000th episode is that it? i could name loads of shows with more eps. and wwe isn't a sport, wrestling is a sport, wwe isnt!
Yh i would say it to his face i aint scared of some wrestler who thinks hes an athlete but in reality all he is, is an actor. A wrestler is an athlete, a wwe star is an actor.

Anyways wwe is shit now its been shit since like 2004. who the fuck are these new stars they are wank, some emo bloke and a ginger bloke (dont know their names) as champions wtf!