Sam Worthington May Join Arnold Schwarzenegger in David Ayer’s 'Ten'

Terminator: Salvation star Sam Worthington may soon be teaming up with the Terminator himself. Variety reports that Worthington is now in early talks to star alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in director David Ayer’s (Harsh Times) actioner thriller Ten. The film is an action take on Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians and centers on a DEA task force who heists a drug cartel safe house, only to start getting picked off by an assassin. Hit the jump for more.

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DarkBlood3342d ago

more arnold films? count me in

BelieveinGhosts3342d ago

Hell yeah Arnold is back, the best decade for movies has always been the ninties. Im looking for more of thesame, please.

Lord_Sloth3342d ago

As long as he produces more quality films like Eraser was I am so game! I've missed his movies.