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15 Things That Bothered Slashfilm About The Dark Knight Rises

Slashfilm: Between those of us at /Film, we’ve already seen The Dark Knight Rises several times and have found that many questions and problems still linger in our. What’s consistently baffling about Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is people’s willingness to forgive Nolan for extremely problematic staging and editing, and for screenwriting crimes that would put any other writer/director in “script jail.” What follows are the 15 biggest issues we had with The Dark Knight Rises. Some of these are major problems with the film, while others are minor niggles. But they all have one thing in common: they all jolted us out of the film and took away from our ability to get lost in Nolan’s world.

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TheCritic283254d ago

Agree with all of these many plot holes in TDKR.

SHA3254d ago

Love all these observations! Exactly why we think Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were both better films than the third one.

negative3254d ago

Stupid nit-picking article. Sit back and enjoy the film - you'll find just as many "plot holes" in The Dark Knight (and every other movie for that matter). Haters.

TheCritic283253d ago

That's the problem—these plot holes are so glaring, you CAN'T sit back and enjoy the movie.

kariyanine3253d ago

Actually most people can, they do it all the time.

gaden_malak3253d ago

Meh, some are valid but don't really take away from the movie, others are very nit-picky.

krazykombatant3253d ago

Crap article, seriously maybe 1 or 2 points where valid the others were explained in the movie and if you have enough batman background knowledge then its fine. Not understanding ≠ "plot hole".

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