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Anne Hathaway on Catwoman Spin-off: 'It Would Be Lovely to See More'

Digital Spy - Anne Hathaway has said that she is interested in reprising her role as Selina Kyle.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the actress admitted that she would embrace a solo Catwoman movie if her Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan was involved in the project.

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TheCritic283349d ago

I actually wouldn't mind this...she was one of the best thing about TDKR.

SHA3349d ago

She was the best part of TDKR but sadly we won't see this because Nolan is rumored to want to do a Bond film next...unless Jonathan directs it since he's interested in directing a film very soon.

krazykombatant3347d ago

Gonna disagree with you there. She was simply not the best thing about the movie, plz wait till the blood flows back to your brain.

Bane was amazing, Hathaway TO ME, didn't seem alluring nor mysterious she just seemed to lack a certain je ne sais quoi. You can tell that it wasn't easy for her to pull off the character, but then again she has to work with the script handed to her. Plenty of other actresses who could do the role even better perhaps.

tunaks13348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

Anne Hathaway was great as Catwoman, when she was chosen I was skeptical- but after seeing the film she was outstanding!

Same thing goes for Tom Hardy, I was a skeptic but he nailed Bane!

Soldierone3348d ago

Didn't like when the announced her as Catwoman, saw the movie, still don't like her as Catwoman. Its MY opinion.

I'm not saying she sucks, I just didn't like her in the role. Either did the GF. It wasn't like Heath Ledger where it was like "oh man....." to "THAT WAS AWESOME!" It was like "nooo...." to "still nooo...."

aDDicteD3345d ago

i dont know if this will push through because the nolans are not doing batman films, but she was amazing as catwoman..really liked to see a spinoff but it should be nolan to direct because if the plot is bad it would look connected to TDKR.