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What's Next For Batman After The Dark Knight Rises? - A No Reboot Opinion The Dark Knight Rises is out in theaters closing out the final chapter of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. So what does Warner Bros. and DC do with Batman next?

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Reibooi3350d ago

A reboot is going to happen. There has apparently already been rumblings of one happening in the next 3 or 4 years. It would be retarded not to mention disrespectful to Nolan to trying to continue what he has done in creating a nearly perfect Batman Trilogy. So a Reboot is needed if they are gonna continue making Batman films as Nolan has said he doesn't want to do anymore past this film.

Personally as a Batman fan I kinda don't want to see more. What Nolan did will probably never be surpassed(At least not for a VERY long time) and while I would have liked to see some of the material from the comics get a more direct adaptation(would have loved to see Heath play the Joker in a screen version of The Killing Joke and quite frankly don't think anyone else could) I would be perfectly content with letting Batman at least as far as movies go rest for awhile. But I know Hollywood won't feel the same and we will have a new Bruce Wayne and new Batman franchise soon enough.

chaos_mechanica3349d ago

You know, a soft reboot is still a reboot. Can't say "no reboot" and then say do a reboot.

I agree with skipping the origin story, but you still can't have a retired middle age Batman with knee and back problems joining the Justice League. Also Nolan's Batman can't exist besides godly heroes, the reason Nolan didn't want villains like Clayface and Mr. Freeze.

Cut out origin, make Batman slightly more comic-y and then move on.

aDDicteD3346d ago

there will ALWAYS be a batman movie coming out in 4-7 yrs from now. another trilogy will be born..we will see more of the same villains like catwoman, two face etc. and introduce more comical fantasy based villains like clayface, killer croc. i dont think they would try to make a joker just yet but who knows nicholson and ledger were both great..maybe another actor can match up to their talents its slightly possible but still possible.