Man of Steel: Comic Con Footage Detailed as Being Darker Tone and Possibly Brutal Too Initially, SuperHero Authority posted amateur video from the Man of Steel footage shown exclusively at Comic Con but per the request of the studio, it had to be taken down. Instead SHA will tell you about a few brief scenes that was shown in this approximate two and a half minutes of footage.

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DarkBlood3350d ago

awsome i love the darker tone take on things normally were not dark in the first place it somehow makes me like it more then i already do

SHA3350d ago

It was definitely cool this footage and to see a Superman who is a bit darker and hopefully he doesn't "hold back" any of his powers in this movie too. Fingers crossed.

fastNslowww3349d ago

With nolan as producer, the movie is no doubt going to be DARKER and most likely a lot more REALISTIC. Hoping that ISN'T the case because he is after all a SUPER-MAN.

aDDicteD3345d ago

the darker tone and brutal possibilities might be controlled because they are aiming for pg 13 might just be as dark as dark knight rises...and the tone and seriousness will depend on its main villain. with good supporting cast it will be good and hoping they learned from the shortcomings of superman returns.