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“Every Kid Should See Toy Story Before They Turn 10″, Says Child Psychologist

A child psychologist has drawn up a list of must-see movies for children under the age of ten based on the positive messages they send out – with Pixar classic Toy Story topping the selection.

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Kran3343d ago


I say they should hold off on Toy Story 3 until they're at least 12 though.... it gets a little dark, and to see something so happy and cheerful, only for it to be crushed by darkness... yeah.

I aint saying Toy Story 3 is bad, its not. I LOVED IT! Almost make me as a grown man cry. But still.

aDDicteD3343d ago

i agree, toy story is both compelling and has a heart. totally agree that there should be a significant amount of time gap when you watch toy story 1 and 2 and 3.