Battle of the Batmans: Which Actor Played It Best?

ScreenInvasion writes:
With The Dark Knight Rises in theaters, it marks the occasion when one single actor was able to play the titular role for three straight movies. In the past, Batman was seen more as a “Bond” character, which meant that different actors played the same role. Of course, older Batman movies were nowhere near as successful and serious as The Dark Knight series, so it’s obvious that something had to change. With Christian Bale at the helm, the Batman franchise has been given life support to – you guessed it – rise again. But what about past Batmans? Let’s pay homage to some of the actors who took on the mask.

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aDDicteD3348d ago

my rankings are:
1.) bale - best batman overall. you can see his effort and commitment
2.) keaton -slightly behind bale but redefined batman franchise
3.) kilmer - because clooney and west sucked
4.) west - because clooney messed it up.
5.) clooney - had better potential than both west and kilmer because of his voice, height, stature but found a way to make batman an average dude. his acting was not that much and he clearly did not care. at least kilmer tried to immitate keaton and west to be fair was the first batman and has nobody to look up to or compared with.