The Dark Knight Rises: The Most Disturbing Aspect of the On-screen Violence

EW - I don’t think the comic-book violence embedded in Batman movie mythology caused the horrible movie-theater killing spree in Aurora, Colo., turning mass excitement at the first showing of The Dark Knight Rises into mass terror. Assault weapons and a mountain of ammunition, pathetically easy and legal for an average American evil madman to obtain, did that. While the attack took place at a suburban multiplex on a summer’s night, the same horror could have been unleashed somewhere else — a baseball stadium, a shopping mall, a music arena, any place we gather as a group, feeling trusting and fortunate.

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Lord_Sloth3723d ago

You know he didn't acquire his gear legally, right?

SilentNegotiator3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

"Bu-but you can go to walmart and immediately walk out with a fully automatic weapon! That's how gun ownership works in cousin totally lives there and told me that!"

-Uneducated anti-gun advocate

"bu-but you can buy fully automatic weapons at conventions!"
Or buy one from the government, during a failure trafficking operation. Illegal sales won't go away just because you take away guns from the law abiding.

awiseman3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

What he had was ILLEGAL. Go do some research before writing your sensationalist crap. Next I will see a petition to ban knives with pointy edges...

maximus19853723d ago

ive been to a gun convention that sells all types of rifles and swords and the only thing they required a license for was pistols.

awiseman3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

it is illegal to walk carry a weapon on your person outside your private property without a licence. You also cannot buy weapons without a criminal background check.

perdie3723d ago

well here in arizona, you dont need anything but it was in colorado

Soldierone3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

@perdie No, in Arizona you still need a license....I live here and am planning to buy a gun.

Also to reply to your other comment below, yes you do need a background check as well....

perdie3721d ago

@soldierone Yeah you just need a driver's license with your current address but that is it. You dont need a gun permit or anything

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shackdaddy3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

What? You're talking about James Holmes right? Ya, he got those guns 100% legally.

Here. Proof:

We don't have a lot of gun laws here in Colorado. You do need a background check but Holmes only had a speeding ticket on his record.

I'm not agreeing with this article though. It's really stupid and over-reacting...

badkolo3723d ago

they havent banned knives just yet, guns first then they unsharpen your knives and all dull forks. its coming

JustInTlME3723d ago

The weapons the shooter had? I'm almost positive he LEGALLY purchased all his guns at a Walmart.... The guns laws in CO are WEAK!

maximus19853723d ago

im sure your right. people seem to think our gun laws are so perfect that but i can go buy a rifle right now in north carolina with barely an id IF they ask or hell i can even buy from one of those guys who sell their old weapons at gun conventions.

awiseman3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

You need a license to carry a weapon He did not have that. You cannot walk into a store and get a weapon without a criminal background check and being put on a waiting list. Get your info straight.

JustInTlME3722d ago

He didnt have a criminal record... I don't care if he didn't have he license to carry it. The thing in question was the legality of the purchase, and like I said according to his state I believe I remember hearing the we're LEGALLY purchased at a Walmart...sad...

duplissi3722d ago

in maine you can. in fact the only thing you need a licence for is concealed carry. i can walk in and be out with a gun within an hour, the background check is all thats needed and that doesnt take long.

been shopping around for a weapon for personal protection.

iMpuTeD3723d ago

someone needs to grow some balls

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