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The Man of Steel Teaser Trailers are Here in High Quality

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Warner Bros. Pictures has released the two versions of the teaser trailer for director Zack Snyder's Man of Steel which you can watch below!

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SHA3353d ago

Definitely a tease.

Crazay3353d ago

True but it's going to be so good. I just know it. The early criticisms I've seen is because they feel like they're watching Deadliest Catch - Ok sure but hopefully they are aware that Superman takes time away on his own to figure himself out before deciding to don the cape and becoming the savior to man right? What would they rather he did? Sit in his ass playing videogames eating cheetos?

SHA3353d ago

If this version of Superman is not shown angry and pissed off using buildings (or whatever) as a baseball bat, then it will be another failed attempt at this franchise on the big screen.

We get that Superman cares for life on Earth but he can do that whiling raging out a bit once and a while too. Ha. Just sayin'.

Crazay3353d ago

You mean like Superman 3? He sure was an angry Supes in that one. I don;t think we're going to have to worry too much. In Nolan and Snyder I trust.

Azmatik3352d ago

nolan is doing this?! then its gona be good lol

Soldierone3353d ago

Its just the teaser. Its supposed to get you pumped, and instead it feels like a trailer for Deadliest Catch. It not a criticism for the whole movie, just the teaser.

MinimeJer053353d ago

Out of those two trailers I prefer the one with Kevin Costner doing the voice over. Overall I'm impressed with the tone/mood the teaser gives off. Wasn't looking forward to this AT ALL until now.

Crazay3353d ago

really dude? I thought the casting of Costner and Russell Crowe was brilliant. I love the overall feel the teasers have. It feels kinda of darker in the scenes with him as a fisherman mixed with some feelings of hope with the little boy pretending to be Superman.

OSIRUSSS3352d ago

Superman Has to go to Alaska at some point. That is where he builds the Fortress of Solitude.

MinimeJer053352d ago

Yeah, I just don't care for the Superman character. The casting of Crowe and Costner, plus director Snyder did have me get a little curious about the project, but this trailer is really the first thing I can firmly get behind.

OSIRUSSS3352d ago

No Luther? I don't know about this

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