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The Dark Knight Rises Review | Media Blasphemy

In 2005, the landscape of superhero films changed forever with the arrival of Batman Begins. It showed us a new take on the caped crusader’s role in the world and freed us from the over-the-top, neon-coated and pun-filled shackles that previous Batman movies had forced us into. Then in 2008, things got even better with The Dark Knight. This movie took things to a whole new level; amping up the action, intrigue and general sense of scale as the Joker’s dastardly plans began to envelope the city of Gotham.

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alycakes3347d ago

I have to say that this movie did not disappoint one bit. It was all that I wanted it to be and more. Even with all the coverage and all the trailers it still was able to surprise me with the story it came up with and even with it's twists and turns and even the ending.

I loved it and it was even better than Spider-Man. I am sorry to see it end but at the same time...the way it ended was very poetic.

Bamboostick3347d ago

I hope I can go and see this soon, Batman is the best!