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LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Christian Bale

LRA writes: Christian Bale will always be that kid from Empire of the Sun for me. It was the first time I saw him and it was the first real grown up movie my mother took me to see in the theaters. Spielberg is known for picking the best child actors for his films but I don't think he has ever topped the casting of Christian Bale and that is saying something when you look at the talent he has had in his other films. But Bale is an actor who never really came into his own until almost 15 years later. He did what most child actors never do, which is to have a career long after he has grown up. His filmography may not be filled with crowd pleasers but he almost always tackles a role with everything he has (have you seen The Machinist?). In recent years he has unfortunately gotten this reputation for being very short tempered due to some leaked on-set recordings but none of that has tainted his body of work or his immense talent. It's sort of a shame that his most popular films (Nolan's Batman trilogy) are the only films that he doesn't really have a whole lot to do acting wise. I'm sure that we have many more great films to look forward to from him well after he has hung up the cape and mask and I for one can't wait. There were a couple of films I found very hard to omit from this list (The Fighter and The Prestige) but I believe these remaining 5 films to be the best examples of his extremely varied career up til now.

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Bolts3347d ago

The best Christian Bale movie is, and always will be, American Psycho.

aDDicteD3341d ago

best bale movies for me were ; the fighter, dark knight trilogy, and prestige.