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DSN Review: See it or Skip It - The Dark Knight Rises

DualShock Nexus: The last few years I have waited for the next installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman saga to unfold. When it was first announced that The Dark Knight Rises would be the final chapter of Mr. Nolan's series, I was excited and disappointed at the same time. Trilogies are hard to pull off in film, but with enough magic and powerful directing it can be done. Does The Dark Knight Rises soar beyond expectations, or does it fall flat on it's face? Find out in our latest SEE IT OR SKIP IT.

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Nes_Daze3349d ago

I swear people around my were tearing up towards the end, from start to finish it was an amazing experience. I have to be honest though, maybe wasn't as good as Dark Knight, but it did the series more than justice.

MattyG3348d ago

I actually did towards the end. Some of the lines, like the "coat" line, were really well done. But I do agree, The Dark Knight had that magic because of Ledger's Joker.

Treezy5043348d ago

The theater I saw it at for the midnight release had one of the best crowds. The theater was packed and everyone was in awe pretty much. At the very end a majority of us stood up and clapped for a good while, it was very moving and emotional. I'm going to see it again tomorrow night!

MattyG3348d ago

Yeah I hate to admit, the last 10 or so minutes had me choked up a few times

Gamefan123348d ago

Yep saw it today , great movie but just not as good as the Dark Knight.

ABizzel13348d ago

I think that's because the expectation for this movie were so high coming off the The Dark Knight.

For the most part Dark Knight rises lives up to it, but it falls flat in some spots. Without spoiling it, throughout the movie you will constant;y be saying "No. That's not true. That's not what happened." But at the very end they correct things with a secret reveal. This movie is also heavily focused on Bruce Wayne dealing with the choices and loss due to being batman (Batman is literally in maybe 3 or 4 scenes), therefore, it's very lite on the Batman action (90% story, 10% action). However, the action that's there is so well executed and multilayered that it makes you yearn for more than what was given.

The Dark Knight Rises was a great script, although not as immediately satisfying as The Dark Knight, or it's box office rival this year The Avengers. But unlike the Avengers, the Dark Knight has such a degree of realism to it, it take Batman from being just another Superhero movie, to being an Oscar worthy movie.

Also Bane's voice has to grow on you, but it does, and he proves to be a greater destructive force than Joker from the Dark Knight (with a little help). And Anne Hathaway stole the show as Catwoman. They needed more Catwoman time on screen, as well as Batman (I understand why he wasn't as present, but they should have had more of him at the beginning if a certain comic book event was going to happen preventing him from being used throughout the mid section).

Great movie for fans of Batman, and a great end to the trilogy.

See it.

fastNslowww3348d ago

why would any fan skip it? gsus these headlines are ridiculous.

Treezy5043348d ago

The series is called SEE IT OR SKIP IT. This is the headline for every review.

zeddy3348d ago


great movie, not as infinitely rewatchable as the dark knight but still great. i thought the bit where alfred tries to talk bruce wayne into quiting was sadder than the ending, the ending had more of a feel good factor.

i really do not envy the director who takes up the next movie, whoever it is will have a lot to live up to after nolan.

Kos-Mos3348d ago

See it or skip it? What kind of crap headline is that?