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How Much Would it Cost to Become Batman? Find Out In This Handy Infographic

Hey You Guys

The Dark Knight Rises is no doubt going to be one of the biggest films of the year will millions of people queued up to watch the movie today on opening day. If you’ve missed it, you can see our review of the movie here and keep track of all our coverage including interviews with most of the cast and Christopher Nolan here.

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Crazay3355d ago

I thought this was kinda fun in light of the events that surround the movies world today. How many billions of dollars is Wayne Industries worth? Thats one hell of a lotta dough.

DG903354d ago

What's funny about it?

Crazay3354d ago

Did I say "funny"? Nope - most certainly didn't say the word "funny" - I did say "Fun" though. Time to work on those reading comp skills.

FarCryLover1823354d ago

Bill Gates should become Batman.

KrimsonKody3354d ago

Bill Gates should hire someone to be a Batman.
Bill would have an heart attack during his 1st flight off a ledge.

...or maybe Oprah could could be a Bat"woman"?
She already have that "generous" appeal for others.

Nes_Daze3354d ago

^ You guys are slowly killing

fastNslowww3354d ago

Crazay's EGO has already killed me.

Bolts3354d ago

It only cost 700 million to be Batman? That's dirt cheap. If that's the case then the military should fund several Batman programs and save a ton on cash. Hell if one Batman can be one of the greatest super hero in the world then how effective would a dozen Batmans be?

DG903353d ago

What's 'fun' about it then? @Crazay