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Warner Bros. Considers Cancellation of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Screenings

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Warner Bros., the studio releasing “The Dark Knight Rises,” is considering whether to cancel screenings across the country after a massacre took place at a midnight screening in Colorado that left 12 moviegoers dead in the early hours of Friday.

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Crazay3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

I most certainly don't agree with this. We have to move on. This movie will already forever be associated with this idiot and his actions as it it. Don't temporarily pull the movie.

Once again JL - Please pull any points accumulated in this post from my tally. Thanks dude.

DarkBlood3347d ago

certainly hope they dont take this out worldwide including canada havent yet to see this for my self till this upcoming cheap tuesday

im sure there was other situations like this all equally nutty but yeah like you said we have to move on

MinimeJer053347d ago

If anything they need to beef up security, but keep the show rolling. This is a massive tragedy, but we can't let the murderer get the satisfaction of being able to break the people.

I say make sure to get out and see a movie to support something we love doing. I feel horrible for the victims and my thoughts are with them, but we need to take a stand for our love of cinema and support the troubled industry now more than ever.

extermin8or3346d ago

beef up security? that's silly, they'd have to have silly scanners like airports etc to tell if someones got real firearms or whatever on them "oh scan my popcorn, I don't have a handgun hidden in it" the worlds gone nuts; surely it would make more sense to just ban all cosplay if you want to get into the film at least that way such nutjobs will stand out instead of looking like they are just in costume? not permanently mind just till people no longer expect copycats although I think it's highly unlikely it'll happen again and cancelling screening of the film is ridiculous

MinimeJer053345d ago

I didn't mean beef up security at movie theaters (although re-reading my post it certainly does sound like I said that). I meant beef up nationwide security in terms of better monitoring the sales of such weapons.

extermin8or3345d ago

@MinimeJer05: Oh ok, yeah that makes sense, here in the UK if you were buying the level of chemicals and bomb materials he had, and that many firearms, someone would probably have noticed; I mean if he owned any of it legally the number of licence's he'd have needed would mean he'd have had to be checked out thoroughly multiple times, I know not everyone agrees with these lawas but I can see why they are in place when something like this happense, slightly stricter control on the weapons might have helped prevent it.

Soldierone3346d ago

Don't really see the point in it.

Doing so will just add a tally in the "win" column of the idiot. Plus are you just going to trash it? No they would "re-release" it later, and that will just bring in big crowds again.

Opening weekend is pretty much over, the big massive crowds are pretty much done. Sure it will continue to have substantial crowds, but it will be more controlled now. So just let it be.