What I Love And Hate About Twilight

ChaosHour Writes: Ok, Twi-hards and Twi-haters, bear with me here please, and don’t all try and kill me at once. Twilight is potentially one of the most talked about, adored and loathed books that is available at the moment. Apart from possibly Fifty Shades of Grey, more on that later, seeing as it is inextricably linked to the twilight series, starting life as Twilight fan-fiction and all. And there is good reason for both views, the love and the hate, however a bit of digging into the soul of the book is required. Twilight is not a cut and dried “OMG FIRST LOVE, EDWARD IS AMAZING” book. Neither is it a pile of toilet paper. For one very important reason: the character of Bella. Edward is the one that people fall in love with, or hate because of his weird stalker tendencies. However it is the character of Bella that I think requires closer examination.

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aDDicteD3345d ago

twilight and new moon were great but eclipse was a total letdown ..good for me i didnt watch it at the theater. breaking dawn could be improved with part 2 coming out but i dont know if it will be good coz part 1 was slow pace....what i love from twilight the most is that the romance was quite good in part 1 and 2 ..even the love triangle was ok..even if critics slam this movie and the acting of the characters, i think they did a remarkable job overall..hope they can close the final chapter in a good way. im curous also if the kirsten stewart scandal affair will affect the upcoming movie grossings overall.