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Dr. Geek: What’s the Point of Comic-Con These Days?

In her bi-weekly column "Dr. Geek", CarrieLynn Reinhard examines how Hollywood and the film industry has had a drastic change on Comic-Con. In the process she seeks to find out just what exactly Comic-Con exist for today: the fans, the comics or the film industry.

From the article, "In going back in 2006 and 2007, Hollywood’s presence had increased; and, being trained to recognize these things through graduate school, I took notes and wrote down ideas about what I was seeing. I was first of all seeing massive crowds, as it was the beginning of the sellout registrations for Comic-Con. The swag offered by Hollywood booths to promote their productions were big commodities — perhaps more important to attendees than the comic books and similar wares that are traditional con offerings. Groups of fans would strategically plan their panel visiting, staking out good seats in the larger auditorium halls used by Hollywood for their premiere panels and presentations — even if it meant staying in the room for hours and sitting through panels they did not care about. The energy levels of fans, cosplayers, panelists, promoters, producers — if any green energy technician could tap into it, I’m sure it could power all of San Diego for at least a month."

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