'Dark Knight Rises' Paris Premiere Cancelled Due to Colorado Shootings


Christopher Nolan and cast members Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman also scrapped press interviews after learning of the Denver movie theater attack.

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Crazay3346d ago

I'm torn on this decision.

On one hand, I think it was without a doubt the right thing to do in respect of these people who have had their lives impacted by this act. On the other hand, this dick just wanted to make a name for himself in the media and to gain all this attention.

Soldierone3345d ago

While i'm sure a majority of the reasoning was to respect what had happened, it is also now a safety concern.

You may have people that will jump at the chance to replicate it. Especially since the media is blaming it on the movie and violent things.

extermin8or3345d ago

blaming it on the movie is wrong; clearly the guy was aiming to imitate it in some form (gas mask, smoke bombs; tear gas, multiple pistols, body armour, rifles etc) but that's down to him being fucked in the head not the movie itself; but yes I can see why they might be concerned another headcase might see it as an opportunity to try and copy. such a shame for all involved.

SHA3346d ago

This is so sad and we STILL have not heard back from a friend who may have seen this midnight showing at this and prayers.

Crazay3346d ago

Awww crap dude - I sure hope all is well with your friend. I can't imagine having to wait for news that someone is ok after an incident like this.

SHA3346d ago

He's a-okay! Thank goodness.

alycakes3346d ago

My prayers go out to those families who have lost someone. All they wanted to do was enjoy a night with their friends and end up being victims.....too sad.

Crazay3346d ago

Completely aside comment here

JL - Can you please remove any points that I've accumulated from the posts pertaining to the shootings. Thanks