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‘Dark Knight Rises’ Now $67.4M Worldwide: $27+M Midnights Shatter ‘Avengers’ Record: $30M Pre-Sales


Fans waited in long lines for hours despite the sweltering heat and the torrential rains in some parts of North America just to attend one of the 3,700 Thursday midnight show locations for Warner Bros‘ and Legendary Pictures‘ 2D The Dark Knight Rises. Now my sources are tracking this final installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy to open with a whopping $27+M.

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Crazay3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

I suspect that it just may have some impact but, but I can't see it being the difference maker. As for Breaking records, I doubt that there are many people who are overly surprised by this.

I'd also like to take a second to voice my utter disdain and anger for this kind of senseless bullshit. What is going on out there that now we can add going to a movie theater to the ever growing list of things we should all be wary of? This type of action disgusts me to no end - I don't care what his personal motives are, leave innocent people out of your own personal issues, the kids especially. Goddamn low life.

My thoughts are with those who were directly impacted by this heinous act.

Soldierone3349d ago

I'm really angry to.

I'll just cut to the chase. If you are a scumbag, then at least fight like a man. Walking into a DARK theater, tossing a gas bomb, and shooting at people that can't shoot back? Biggest coward in the world......

Crazay3349d ago

Well said Soldier.That bastard will get whats coming to him. Unfortunately, his name will forever be remembered.

sikbeta3348d ago

Really sad, people were all excited to watch one of the best movies of the year/decade and some @sshole needed to screw up, such an idiot

Soldierone3349d ago

Personally when things happen like this, I choose not to remember the names. This is what they want.

Just like that women that killed her little girl. I just explain the situation and base the conversation off that. I don't know the name of the person that did this at all, and choose not to know it.

Crazay3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

You may not but sadly the annals of time will as will the people directly affected, actors and people who worked so hard on this movie. If ever something even remotely similar to this were to happen again, this is the first name that you'll hear.

In the day and age of immediate news travel, this guys name has made itself known around the world.

extermin8or3348d ago

that's the thing, the police don't think he had any motives; no link to terrorist organisations, no criminal record (his only involvement with the law is a speeding ticket) they can't find a single motive apparently; and BBC news said the police have been trying to disarm various types of boobytraps and bombs at his apartment/house :s total nutter

level 3603348d ago

About the movie, thought it was really well done. My only negative comment is with Bane's sometimes muffled audio in a few scenes, think it's to be expected anyway.

Of all the Batman movies Christian Bale has starred in this by far was his best.

Don't know if you have noticed.. Director Christopher Nolan also took a couple of his actors' from Inception - Tom Hardy ( Bane ), Joseph Gordon Levitt ( Blake aka "Robin" ), Marion Cotillard ( Miranda ), Cillian Murphy ( Scarecrow ).

And since he is also going to direct the next Superman movie, maybe just maybe we'll get to see some of them there as well. Also don't expect any 3D version as he dislikes the use of this tech in his film.

Feel sorry for the victims and their families, hope thing will turn out for the better.

Crazay3348d ago

Your info is incorrect sir. He is not directing superman in the least. He's a producer.